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Hi, Shoni here from Good.Food.Choices. So... what are we all about? Lets go back a little over 6 years to a not so awesome time when I was suffering constant debilitating dizziness and nausea. After a couple years of tests, guesses, trials and "I dont knows" from some very expensive specialists I was diagnosed with Menieries disease. The best way I found to control symptoms has been through diet, specifically for me  by limiting salt intake. Salt as we know is in everything and the nescessity of monitoring every last milligram led me on a journey of healthy eating, a discovery of the many food allergies and their increasing occurrence.  I found a startling lack of tasty, convenient foods for allergy sufferers or those simply trying to eat smart, stay trim, eat clean and still enjoy eating. Now after countless hours of researching recipes, ingredients, food safety and methods to combat cross contamination together with my husband (a chef for nearly 20 years), I have altered some old favourites and developed products we are proud to share. From a necessity born out of illness then developed into my passion I bring you Good.Food.Choices.  Please utilise the inquiry form  above to place orders or make inquires. We can alter recipes and cater for ANY allergy, we at G.F.C are well aware how to cater for exreme allergies so drop me a line with any specific requirements and of course... tell your friends.


Are all oats truly gluten free?

Despite oats being naturally gluten free, all of our oat products are produced utilising Bob's Red Mill Rolled Oats to avoid wheat contamination during cultivation and processing.  Bob's Red Mill Rolled Oats are grown, harvested, sorted and packaged in a completely wheat-free facility.


Each week on Sundays we will announce feature items via our Facebook page. Featured treats can be ordered up until Wednesday morning for a Saturday collection. Hit the button below to check it out. Please like and share the page with  your friends. Thankyou and we hope you enjoy your Good.Food.Choice.

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*GF - Gluten Free, *DF - Dairy Free, *SF - Sugar Free, *RSF - Refined Sugar Free, *V - Vegan, *RS - Reduced Salt, *EF - Egg Free, * NF - Nut Free

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Orders available for collection from Woodcroft, SA 5162 on Saturday afternoons between 1 and 5 PM unless alternate collection is arranged.

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